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Our caring teachers are experts at encouraging and motivating kids to learn, grow and flourish. Your child’s confidence in reading, math and writing will soar! And soon, you’ll start to see bigger smiles and a lot less stress at home too.

In-Center Tutoring

Talk to our in-center team of education experts to learn about our personalized learning programs that go beyond tutoring and grow with your child’s needs. Let’s help your child build skills and confidence from kindergarten through high school.
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Our Highly Personalized Approach to Tutoring Delivers Results

At Sylvan Learning, your child will experience significant skill growth in school. We’ve perfected a highly personal approach, tailoring lessons to your child’s specific needs, from math, reading and writing to homework and study skills support to test prep. Whether your child needs to master foundational skills or learn advanced concepts, we provide the supplemental support that leads to greater learning. And, you’ll see this impact not only in school, but in all areas of life.

Here’s how we customize our programs to fit your child’s unique needs:

  • We evaluate your child’s strengths and opportunities, so we know exactly where to start
  • We create a personal learning plan that “adapts” to your child’s own skill level and pace, so your child feels engaged and motivated – never frustrated, rushed or bored
  • We balance tailored instruction with independent practice, so each session advances your child’s skills while also being fun (yes, fun!)
  • Our caring, Sylvan-certified teachers truly engage your child so concepts click and comprehension soars, helping them become an all-around successful student
  • We measure your child’s progress and collaborate with you to ensure goals are met

Education Is the Best Investment You Can Make for Your Child

With more than 40 years of experience in personalized learning for grades K-12, you can trust that the Sylvan Method™ works. Students in our centers see up to 3x more growth in their math and reading scores than their peers.

Contact us today and ask about our Sylvan Insight Assessment to see how we can help your child excel and reach his or her full potential.

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"I love the fact that my child wants to come to the learning center. My child is happy and he feels encouraged. Since he started, we can see tremendous progress in his results."



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