Count on Sylvan To Make This School Year a Success

No doubt last year was challenging. The good news? This year WILL go better when you partner with Sylvan. We’re here for your family!

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Get the support you need to make this school year a success! Our local Sylvan’s caring, expert teachers are here to help your child catch up on any skills missed due to remote learning, stay on track with homework or get ahead in any subject.

Over 7 Million Parents Trust Sylvan – Here’s Why You Can, Too

No matter how good your intentions are, trying to help your own child with school is HARD! (And you know what that feels like at home … Stress. Arguments. Unnecessary struggle.)

This school year, you don’t have to do it alone. Getting support from our local education experts can help immensely. Think: Less pressure on you, less frustration at home and more success in school!

At Sylvan Learning, your child will experience significant skill growth. We guarantee results!

With 40+ years helping students achieve success, we’ve perfected a highly personal approach. We tailor lessons to your child’s specific needs—from math, reading and writing, to homework and study skills support, to test prep—you can trust that we’ll provide the best in supplemental support that leads to greater learning and success!

Here’s How Sylvan Can Make This Year Go Better

Whether your child needs to make up lost skills, master advanced concepts or prep for the ACT®/SAT®, we provide the supplemental support that leads to greater learning.

Here’s how we customize our programs to fit your child’s unique needs:

  • We evaluate your child’s strengths and opportunities, so we know exactly where to start
  • We create a personal learning plan that “adapts” to your child’s own skill level and pace, so your child feels engaged and motivated – never frustrated, rushed or bored
  • We balance tailored instruction with independent practice, so each session advances your child’s skills while also being fun (yes, fun!)
  • Our caring, Sylvan-certified teachers truly engage your child so concepts click and comprehension soars, helping them become an all-around successful student
  • We measure your child’s progress and collaborate with you to ensure goals are met

Get Total Convenience With In-Person or With Live, Online Tutoring

We’re the most convenient solution out there! You can choose from in-person, live and online or a combination of both–whatever allows you to fit learning into your after-school schedule!

Our teachers lead engaging, face-to-face tutoring sessions that are personalized for your child, whether you choose in-person or online. And rest assured, our online is different than what students experienced last year in large, online classrooms.

Education Is the Best Investment You Can Make for Your Child

See why 9 out of 10 Sylvan parents agree that enrolling with us was a good decision. Contact Sylvan Learning, and we’ll reach out to discuss how we can help your child get ready for the challenges a new school year will bring!

Rachel A.

"I love the fact that my child wants to come to the learning center. My child is happy and he feels encouraged. Since he started, we can see tremendous progress in his results."

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Contact us to get started!

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